About Us

Mikarose was established 10 years ago in Orem, Utah.  One of the founders was frustrated she couldn’t find cute and trendy, but modest women’s clothing…  So, she created Mikarose.  Mikarose was (AND STILL IS!) a women’s clothing brand that designs modest, fashion forward dresses, tops and skirts.  As our focus is still on modesty, we also try to make our designs work for any type of woman whether she is a mom, a student or a career-oriented woman.    

Each collection is thoroughly thought out and every piece is hand-picked by our design team.  We create each collection a year or more in advance, so that we have plenty of time to perfect all the details in each design before it’s released.  Our pieces are made for you to feel beautiful and confident.  Mikarose styles are available in a range of sizes for all body shapes.  Our design team strives to provide you with good quality fabrics and trendy prints at an affordable price.   

Over the past two years, Mikarose has stepped out of its comfort zone to create fresh new styles for you.  We are still producing our original staples, like the Miranda, that everyone is known to love!

To everyone who has been here from the beginning or to those who are shopping with us for the first time…  We want to say THANK YOU for being on this journey with us and we hope you continue to love everything we do!