So you’ve got the man, the ring and the date. Now all that’s left is to make your wedding perfect. No pressure. ;) Future brides are faced with a multitude of decisions, particularly when it comes to planning the aesthetic of their wedding. It’s hard to know where to start (besides Pinterest) for your wedding day preparations! Here are some starting-ground tips as you work to plan for your wedding day. (Now here’s where we do a **happy dance** because you are getting married!) Okay, let’s do this.

Find Your Team

It is an exciting time and sometimes that excitement can turn into tears of frustration because there is SO much going on. Sit down with your friends and family – just a select few – and plan together. Once you’ve found your dream team you’ll find that working together will lighten your load and make your wedding even better. However, we recommend that you find your theme (more on that below) and colors before meeting with your dream team. This will help get the ball rolling in the right direction!

Pick a Theme

Symbolism in your theme can give you a distinct direction. If the beauty of your décor is coupled with meaning the result will be stunning. Many brides find themes based on new beginnings, eternal love and purity. We’ve listed out potential symbols attached to these ideas: (I think we could create graphics based on the list which can be shared on Pinterest. Make three graphics entitled Wedding Day Inspiration or Themes. The subtitle of each one can be the idea and listed below the symbols..or whatever ends up looking good to you! J )

New Beginnings

  • The Sunrise
  • Butterflies
  • Blossoms
  • Daisies
  • Daffodils
  • The Phoenix
  • Birch Trees
  • Seeds
  • Eggs
  • Red Robin
  • Doors
  • The number 8

Eternal Love

  • Rivers (water)
  • Stars (candles under cutout tins casting light patterns all over, strings of light, etc)
  • Quaternary Love Knot
  • Infiniti Symbol
  • Tree Branches/Trees


  • Swans
  • The Lily (white is purity, scarlet is high souled aspirations, orange is desire and passion)
  • Lambs
  • Pearls
  • Unicorns

Of course you can mix and match any of these symbols, but don’t get too crazy! Try to keep things simple for yourself. Not every element of your wedding needs be jam packed with meaning and sentiment. Just pick a few things to focus on and go from there.

Pin IT but be REAL

Pinterest is full of eye candy…sometimes very expensive eye candy. Bust out a budget so you know what you can afford and then find cheaper options for what inspires you. Or just straight up spend the money. Props if you’ve got it!

Pick Your Place

Will you ever find the perfect venue? Yes, we promise you will! Once you’ve picked your theme finding a venue will be a lot easier. An excellent place to start is Google. (of course) Many venues will have photo galleries & pricing online which you can use to weed out the venue’s and price points you don’t care for. Once you’ve narrowed down your options make an appointment. Be sure to take someone with you so you can catch all the details each venue has to share.

Say Yes to the Dress!

You want to find your dress at least 3 months before your big day. This way you are able to have it hemmed, bedazzled, taken in or out without being in a time crunch. Once you’ve purchased your dress start getting an idea of what your bridesmaids will be wearing.  And here is a pro tip for you! Mikarose offers 15% off your purchase of 3+ bridesmaid dresses. Simply let the store associate know that’s what you’re shopping for. If you are shopping online email customer service for the code. J

Once you’ve nailed down your dream team, your theme, your décor and your dresses everything will come together and before you know it you’ll be a married woman!

(Now here’s where we do a **happy dance** because you’ve got this)