Hello Darling!!

Shopping for clothes online can feel risky and time-consuming. Nobody enjoys having to make returns and exchanges or having their identity stolen! Maybe you’re really good at it, and if you are props! But for those of us who struggle to shop for clothes online here are some helpful tips.

#1. Is this site legitimate?

There are some cute clothes in cyberspace and unfortunately, some of them are more virtual than real. *sad face* How can you tell if the site you are on is credible? Here are some red flags to watch for:

  The website content is filled with grammatical mistakes or text that seems like gibberish.

  There is no https:// or .com

  There is no padlock symbol with company name next to the URL

  They have a phone number that does not work or is never answered

You can verify e-commerce websites through BBB (Better Business Bureau) or Whois.net. Whois.net will tell you more about the supposed company, which you can use to do some research on Google.  It never hurts to ask Google “is potentialscamsite.com legitimate?” Often times you will find reviews and even dedicated pages about consumer opinion on the website. 

#2. Know Your Measurements

One way to make shopping for apparel online a little less tricky is to ensure you know your bust, waist, hip and height measurements. This way you can use sizing charts to your advantage and avoid having to make returns. Not sure how to measure yourself? Find some excellent tips here.

#3. Read Reviews

Learn from the experiences of those who have gone before by reading review! Take note of the good and the bad. Often times you can find some helpful information such as if an item runs large or small. Specifically check product reviews on the website in addition to Google, Yelp and Facebook ratings.  

#4. Call or Email Customer Service

If you are unsure about the sizing of a dress, top, skirt or another item you can contact customer service. At Mikarose we are happy to measure specific styles and sizes for our customers so they can feel confident about which size to purchase.

How has your online shopping experience been? Let us know below of any websites to be wary of! We’d love to hear what you think and appreciate any tips you might have on the subject.