Online shopping can be so convenient and at times cheaper than shopping in-store. How can we enjoy the perks of online shopping without the headache of getting a size that doesn’t fit? For starters, we need to know how to measure our bust, waist, hip and height measurements.

How to Measure Bust

First of all, it’s incredibly helpful to have a fabric measuring tape or soft measuring tape. This type of measuring tape will give you the best results. **insert picture of fabric measuring tape**

Whilst wearing your bra of choice, place the measuring tape over the fullest part of your chest over your nipples and wrap it around until the two sides meet. Round up to the nearest inch mark.

How to Measure Waist

Place the measuring tape at your natural waist, which is a few inches below your bust where your side dips toward your core. Wrap it around until the two sides meet and round up to the nearest inch mark.

How to Measure Hip

Strip down and stand with your feet together. Find the widest part of your hips. Wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of your hips until the two sides meet. Round up to the nearest inch mark.

How to Measure Height

We like to do this with a hard measuring tape. Stand with your feet together. Place the metal piece under your big toe and pull. Measure to mid shoulder, as dresses and top lengths are measured from shoulder seam to hemline. Hold your find over the inch mark indicating shoulder height. Make a mark on the measuring tape to remember the measurement and write it down.

Just a Couple More Tips to Help You Find Your Perfect Fit

Double Check!

To be sure your numbers are accurate you might want to double check your measurements. If you get different results try again until you are confident that your measurements are accurate. Taking the time to double check now will save you time as you order in the future. 

Read Product Descriptions

Product descriptions should give you the specific details you need to make a confident and informed choice. These specific details are worth noting: if an item has a zipper, an elastic waist or both. An item with a zipper will usually fit a little tighter than an item with an elastic waist.


 If You’re Still Unsure…

Never be afraid to call customer service! Customer service can measure specific items for you and aid you in picking the size that will work best for your body type. They can also let you know if a style runs large or small, if the bust fits loosely or tightly, etc. It’s also good to ask if the dress or skirt has an elastic waist.  If they accidentally give you bad advice you have an easy case for a full refund or a free exchange.

Was this helpful? We’d love to hear your measuring tips below!