Getting married in 2018? Fantasizing about getting married in 2018? Here are some of the top predicted trends this year, according to and other sources around the web.


Brides are using different foliage for their bouquets, including palm fronds, banana leaves, and wheat!

Honoring Family

Families are making more of an effort to honor their ancestors who couldn’t make it by placing framed pictures of them in a saved seat at the wedding or on tables at the reception. The symbolism is quite profound. Without them, we wouldn’t exist to have these beautiful moments in life! It’s a reminder of the important impact our marriages will have on the future.


Cut out designs layered with solid cloths are showing up this year, and it is surprisingly beautiful!

Destination Weddings

Apparently, destination weddings can be cheaper than weddings in the states! If a cheaper destination wedding is what you are looking for we recommend Thailand.

Less is More

Brides are choosing fewer bridesmaids this season for a more intimate experience. Also…it cost less. ;)

Unique Signs

“This way” signs are getting more fun!

Place Cards

At your luncheon or reception why not try edible paper place cards! From edible paper to macaroons engraved with the guests’ name, I don’t think anyone will be dissatisfied with this eco-friendly method of helping guests find their seat.

Color Combinations

The color combos this year are deep and rich! Check out some of these beautiful hues together….

Present Table

For the present table brides and grooms are requesting cash instead of gifts or gift cards. Some are even choosing a charity for their guests to donate to, in lieu of accepting gifts themselves!