Are You Working At the Right Place?


A couple months ago, I was at the Mikarose office in a meeting. Since having my baby, it has been difficult to get things done. My time was no longer my own, and anything I planned had to be done either around my baby’s schedule or with the help of babysitters.

Sitting in the office while discussing writing and marketing ideas with the Mikarose crew, I could not help but notice an amazing thing. Most of the women in the meeting were mothers and we all had our children with us. Before becoming a mother, I would not have thought about why having a baby friendly workplace would be significant. As far as I was concerned, work was work, and I should not mix that with my personal life. Since having my baby, my attitude and perspectives have changed.

It made the meeting go a little bit longer, but it was worth it. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it was to take my baby to work with me. The kids were able to play together while we brainstormed. I did not have to stress about losing out on spend time with my baby nor about finding someone I trusted to care for my child.


I did not write this article to talk about what a great company Mikarose is (although I honestly think they are) but because I have realized how important be wise about where you work. In choosing your workplace think about the things that are important to you? Is it going to give you time to do that? Think about the kind of people that help you to grow and be happy. Are you surrounded by people like that where you work? Do you thrive in an environment of fun? Competition? Or creativity?


Take the time to figure out what kind of work environment work for you. Then pick a place that fits that idea. If not, then work towards promoting that kind of atmosphere at your current job. We spend at least 8 hours a day at work. Shouldn’t we try to be at a place that fills our needs in more than just a monetary sense.

I would love to hear from you. In the comments section, tell me how your current place of work fills your needs. Or of one action you will take this week to promote a better environment at work.


LauLaureen Oliphant writes, speaks, coaches, organizes writing retreats, and converses with amazing mothers. Giving birth to her son was a pivotal moment in her career. It drastically changed her perspective of the world. Because she understands the value of being ambitious in and outside of the home, she created 2 Clarify. 2 Clarify is focused on empowering women who are growing a business as well as a family to find BALANCE & SUCCESS through clarity. Mompreneurs are great influencers. She wants to empower them to change the world.

4 Places to Visit Before You Die

Basically everybody loves to travel — seeing new, foreign places is always at the top of everybody’s to-do list. It’s no secret that you could spend the rest of your life adventuring the world, but most of us don’t have the time — or the money — for that. So, here is a compilation of four places you need to get around to visiting before you kick the bucket.

1. Finland 

Finland is definitely a must-see. Who really needs stars and tents when you can sleep in a glass igloo and look at the Northern Lights? Not only that, but Finland is known for its awesome saunas, and it even has snow hotels!

2. Amsterdam 

Not only is Amsterdam absolutely beautiful, but you can ride a bike practically anywhere, it’s incredibly colorful, has amazing culture, interesting food, and not to mention the Anne Frank House or the intricate canal system.

3. Paris 

Paris has an incredible amount of art — about 35,000 pieces, including the ever famous Mona Lisa. There are over 350 different kids of cheese, and who doesn’t love cheese, right? French is one of the most beautiful, romantic languages in the world and the Eiffel Tower will always be cool, no matter what.

4. London 

London is old and iconic, but it’s also the home to remarkable places such as the Eye of London, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and of course, Buckingham Palace. It’s where the Queen of England lives, and if that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know, I don’t know what does. It’s also the birthplace of hit shows like Doctor Who and BBC Sherlock.

Visiting any new place can be rewarding and super fun, but these four places should definitely be at the top of everyone’s travel bucket list.

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Why You Should Have A Summer Reading List.

Remember those days when you had a list of books you had to read for school during your summer? It bugged me. I had to take a break from my personal reading list to get theirs done. But then as I matured, a realization dawned upon me. There were three benefits to having a summer reading list of books outside of my preferences.

It expanded my horizon.

shutterstock_176662577We all have favorites. Whether it’s food, people, or genres. The difficulty to try or to remember to try things outside of your norm can be astronomical. With a summer reading list, you had no choice but to expand your horizon since you had to pick books from a few genres and topics.

I discovered unknown favorites.

shutterstock_297729764One summer I read “Clan of the Cave Bear” by Jean M. Auel. That became one of my favorite books. To be honest, I would have NEVER picked this book to read. But I did not like the other options offered to me in that genre. I stayed up all night reading this book. I could not put it down.

It added to my conversation abilities.

shutterstock_297639257I love people. I love learning about them. It’s important to me to know how they think and feel. People open up more when you have something in common or at least can talk to them about topics they are interested in. Reading various books on different subjects does that. It allows you to converse with anyone.

What about you? Do you still have a summer reading list? What are you currently reading?


Lau Laureen Oliphant writes, speaks, coaches, organizes writing retreats, and converses with amazing mothers. Giving birth to her son was a pivotal moment in her career. It drastically changed her perspective of the world. Because she understands the value of being ambitious in and outside of the home, she created 2 Clarify. 2 Clarify is focused on empowering women who are growing a business as well as a family to find BALANCE & SUCCESS through clarity. Mompreneurs are great influencers. She wants to empower them to change the world.

6 Benefits to Drinking Green Smoothies.


When the green smoothy fad started, I rolled my eyes determined not to be part of another food trend. But as time went by, I became aware that not only were green smoothies delicious, but there were many benefits to drinking them regularly. Although there are many benefits of drinking green smoothies, I want to list 6 that I feel every busy woman should be aware of.

1. Vitamins, Minerals, & Fiber

shutterstock_297711812They are filled with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. How much and which ones you get depends on what fruit and vegetables you choose to add to your smoothie.

2. Cheaper Than Buying Multivitamins

shutterstock_296708618Because vitamins are essential to our health, we all spend a lot of money getting them at the store. But when you drink a green smoothie, you get the vitamins in a cheaper, more natural, and more delicious way.

3.Quick & Healthy

shutterstock_293480240I cannot stand fast food, and yet there have been times when I have been driven to buy it because it was the quickest option I had. My body never thanks me for those meals. With a green smoothie, all you have to do is blend whatever fruits and vegetables you have access to.You can even do this when you get to your destination by carrying around a Bullet blender with you. They are small enough to put in your medium size purse. It takes less than 5 minutes to make a green smoothie.

4. Low In Calories

shutterstock_280138541You feel as if you ate a full meal because of the amount of water and fiber a green smoothie has. If you’re trying to shed some pounds, then this is the way to go. Next time you are craving sweets or high-calorie food item, take out your blender and make a smoothie for yourself. It will help fight both your hunger and your cravings.

5. Lasting Energy

shutterstock_297833000Since it’s blended, it’s partly broken down which means your body does not have to spend as much energy trying to break it all down. Which means more energy for you doing things you enjoy.

6. Easy To Digest

shutterstock_298138883Since most of the fruits and vegetables are already broken down, your body does not have to spend so much time and gastric juices to perform that duty. That means you are less likely to get indigestion. When I was pregnant, I had a particular hard time eating. I did not have an appetite, and when I did eat, I felt uncomfortable. But smoothies helped me not only to get the nutrients and energy I needed but also a happy, calm stomach.




LauLaureen Oliphant writes, speaks, coaches, organizes writing retreats, and converses with amazing mothers. Giving birth to her son was a pivotal moment in her career. It drastically changed her perspective of the world. Because she understands the value of being ambitious in and outside of the home, she created 2 Clarify. 2 Clarify is focused on empowering women who are growing a business as well as a family to find BALANCE & SUCCESS through clarity. Mompreneurs are great influencers. She wants to empower them to change the world.

5 Things to Love About Fall

Fall is coming up quickly, which also means various stressful things like school. However, fall can be great if you think about all the awesome things it has to offer!

1. Fall Colors

downloadThe first thing everybody starts to notice is the beautiful color scheme that accompanies the awakening of autumn. Beautiful oranges, reds, yellows, and browns all make an appearance eventually, giving you a soothing sight on your way to work every morning. How can anyone deny that fall rainbow?

2. Oversized Sweaters

ba42628cbf00200b097ae47bff7e10ed (1)


Every girl knows that feeling– the feeling of a constant hug from a giant sweater. Sweaters are perfect for fall: they do an excellent job of keeping you warm and cozy when the weather starts to get a bit nippy. Over sized sweaters are your friends– over sized sweaters know exactly how to keep you happy through the changing of the seasons!

3. Pumpkin Spice


I’m sure most of you saw this coming: it isn’t fall until pumpkin spice is available in every store and restaurant everywhere. Perhaps a little cliche, but for good reason: pumpkin spice is just the pick-me-up anybody needs. Just add a few marshmallows and lots of whip cream, and you’ll be sure to start the fall off right!

4. Scarves

Scarves are an essential part of any wardrobe, but the beating heat of summer makes it difficult to wear a scarf and still be cool. In the fall, however, scarves are welcomed– necessary, even! They can do basically everything, such as serve as your head wrap, head band, or even your belt!

5. TV Shows

Last but certainly not least: TV! Fall is when all of your favorite TV shows start back up, so you never have to be too worried about what you’ll do after work. You just come home from a stressful day at your place of business, sit down and unwind in front of some awesome stories.

Even if fall isn’t your favorite season, you have to agree that there are a lot of pretty great things that go along with it.

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5 Ways to Stay Cool in Summer

Sick of the heat keeping you from enjoying Summer fun? Here are 5 ways to stay cool in the summer!


1. Go Swimming.

Going swimming will not only cool you down but you get great exercise while doing it. Swimming can also be very calming and relaxing. When your body is relaxed and calm your body is cool.

2. Turn on the AC/Swamp Cooler

Turing on the AC will cool your house down, and therefore you. AC is more effective that a fan because, fan just blow the hot air around. Another option is a swamp cooler because it converts the hot air into cold air.

3. Sit In The Shade.

When your outside it can get very hot. You don’t wanna risk getting heatstroke, so when your outside try to sit in the shade to fully protect yourself.

4. Take a cold shower.

Even with the AC, fan, and pool you can still be hot. So one of the best things to do is to go take a nice cold shower. That will immediately bring your temperature down and will cool your body.

5. Move To Canada

If all these tips fail then your only option is to move to a cold country. Canada will be the best option because its cold and you can get a cool accent.

Photo Credits: Google Images.


15 Beauty Secrets From Around The World


shutterstock_241670083 (1)

Ladies, you are in for a treat today because I am going to share with you 15 beauty secrets from around the world. Not only are these beauty secrets natural, quick, but they have ingredients that are easy to find. I get annoyed when someone tells me a great way to look better but the ingredients are hard to find, or I have to spend a ton of money to get them. I did not want to do that to you guys. You’re welcome;-). Replicate these beauty secrets and I’m sure you’ll love the results!


1. Orange juice (Costa Rica).shutterstock_294964577Combine 50% orange juice with 50% water and swab on your face with a cotton ball. After waiting a few minutes, rinse your face. Your pores will temporarily look noticeably smaller.

2. Coconut oil (Singapore).shutterstock_293821001
Add a few drops of coconut oil to the end of your hair and leave it overnight. In the morning, your hair will be frizz-free and gorgeous.

3. Cranberry Juice (Spain).shutterstock_295589849
If you have natural red highlights in your hair but want it to be more pronounced, then Spain has the answer for you! Mix cranberry juice with water in equal proportions (50/50). After your hair washing routine, pour the mixture over your head. Then head outside for a bit of sun. The red tones in your hair will be much more prominent.

4. Crushed red grapes & flour (Chile).shutterstock_294932633Mix a handful of grapes with a couple tablespoons of flour. Mix it all together, making sure to crush the red grapes at the same time. Apply to your face. Leave on for ten minutes then wash off. This mixture will liven up your skin and get rid of any hints that you have not been sleeping well.

5. Nail Stains (France).shutterstock_295586012
Soak your hands in lemon juice for 5 to 10 minutes. The lemon juice will remove most of the stain, if not all. Your hands will look more youthful and healthier without the aging effects of stained nails.

6. Rice water (China).shutterstock_296040389
Soak rice in water for 20 minutes. Then remove the rice and use the water to wash your face with the help of a washcloth. If you repeat this treatment weekly for smooth, and youthful looking skin.

7. Oatmeal (Brazil).shutterstock_296003126
Get a few handful of oats, tied it up in a gauze and put it under the faucet of your tub. You want to make sure that when you turn on the water, it will run through the oats first before filling up your tub. Soak in the mixture to soothe your sunburn and to help it heal quicker.

8. Milk & honey (Egypt).shutterstock_295909361
Instead of filling up the tub with water, fill it with milk. You can fill the whole bathtub up with milk, but you would go through a lot of milk. You can have a mixture of hot water and milk. But the higher the percentage of milk versus water, the better the result. Honey can be expensive so instead of using honey (which you can use by mixing it into your hot water), use a soap with added honey as an ingredient to wash your body while soaking in the milk. Your skin will look soft, youthful and radiant.

9. Spoon (Mexico)shutterstock_108167396
Mexican women use a teaspoon to curl their eyelashes. Place spoon over closed eyes until it is cupping your lid. Press lashes up against the spoon with your tumb while pushing the spoon edge up to the ends of your lashes. I have witnessed a friend of mine doing this and the curl in her lash has men swooning over her and women sighing with envy.

10. Avocado (Columbia).shutterstock_295562615
In a bowl, add an avocado, banana, and a tablespoon of olive oil. Mix it all together while making sure to crush it. Once it’s an evenly mixed paste, rub it all over the roots of your hair while taking the time also to get the mixture to the ends of your hair. Leave it on for half an hour, and then shampoo and condition as normal.

11. Hair oiling (India).shutterstock_239219032
Use a mixture of coconut, almond, and olive oils to help retain moisture in your hair. Just rub oil mixture into your scalp while progressively working it to the ends of your hair. You can either wash it out afterward or leave it in. Your hair will be healthy and shiny.

12. Face oiling (United States).shutterstock_291402959
Use oil to remove makeup and dirt from your face at night. Follow with typical nightly routine (which I hope means washing and moisturizing of your skin).

13. Pure Shea Butter (Ivory Coast).shutterstock_291033863
Apply daily to soften skin.

14. Ginger & Honey (Israel or Indian).shutterstock_295656854
Add a pinch of ginger to a tablespoon of honey. Add a little bit of water and rub mixture over your skin in the morning. Your skin will feel refreshed all day long.

15. Mineral water (Scandinavia).shutterstock_295205570
Splash cold mineral water on your face to help your skin feel and look firmer. It will also get rid of puffiness.

There are a ton more beauty secrets from many places around the world. These are few good, inexpensive (relatively), and simple ones that I found. I would love to hear about any you guys have discovered over the years. What has worked for you? What has not worked?


LauLaureen Oliphant writes, speaks, coaches, organizes writing retreats, and converses with amazing mothers. Giving birth to her son was a pivotal moment in her career. It drastically changed her perspective of the world. Because she understands the value of being ambitious in and outside of the home, she created 2 Clarify. 2 Clarify is focused on empowering women who are growing a business as well as a family to find BALANCE & SUCCESS through clarity. Mompreneurs are great influencers. She wants to empower them to change the world.

Fancy Clothing Company

Did you know that we sell MIKAROSE Clothing all over the world? Boutiques carry a portion of our clothing in their shops. Today we are featuring the Fancy Clothing Company! Be sure to check out their shop!





The Fancy Clothing Company is located at 1950 S. Washington Blvd, in Ogden, by Kneaders Bakery & Cafe and Striders running store. They are on Facebook at as well as Instagram as fancyclothingcompany.


Credits: Rusty Healey Photography, models makeup is by Carissa at Sephora in Riverdale.

5 ways to relax

The world is a stressful place. It’s full of fast-paced and high maintenance working members of society. However, a person can only go so long in a stressful situation. We present to you 5 easy ways to relax.

1. Take a Hot Bath

Bubble Bubble toil and trouble! Taking a minute to cool off in a hot bath is stress relieving. The heat of the water will draw the negative feelings right out of you. All of your cares will fade away for the duration of your rest in the tub.

2. Have a Spa Day

Treat yourself! Sometimes you just need to take a day to go out and pamper yourself beyond belief. Get a massage! Work out those tight knots in your neck. Apply a face mask and do your nails with the company of your favorite friends and/or mom. Just take a day to forget everything and just pay attention to your own health and well-being. Once you are relaxed you can work more efficiently and get more things done.

3. Singing in the Car/Shower

One of the best ways to release all of your pent up energy is singing. Screaming lyrics and letting loose that inner Meghan Trainor will let out your aggravated emotions. You could do this anywhere in the car, the shower, while cleaning, etc. It’s a carefree way to let out your emotions and just breathe. There is a song for everything. You can almost always find a song that reflects how you feel and will help you get over that emotion.

4. Watch a Movie

Laying down on a comfy couch while watching a classic film really relaxes the body and mind. Sit down and cuddle with your blanket and popcorn and watch your favorite show. As long as you watch something you can laugh with and really try to collect yourself you will come out relaxed.

5. Sit Under the Stars

Find some friends and go out and just enjoy the beauty that is the stars. Feel awed and amazed as you look at the beautiful world you live in. Let your worries pass as you stretch out and chill on the grass under a starry sky. Breathe in the night air and laugh with your friends.

6 Areas of Self Care

It’s a fast-paced world. We are constantly on the go. Whether you’re a student, parent, entrepreneur, or a working gal, you forget to perform something fundamental to your health; self-care. There are six areas of health; mind, spirit, body, relationships, work, and emotions. You cannot take care of one of those and ignore the rest. They are integral to who you are and how healthy you feel. Here are 6 simple and easy ways to take care of yourself today that covers the six areas of self-care.


  1. Learn something new

You mind thirsts for knowledge. Just like your muscles, your brain needs constant exercise to stay in top shape. Learn something new, it will keep your mind healthy, active, and engaged.


  1. Meditate

Get in tune with your inner voice. Take the time to meditate. It will help you to tune out the outer voices that do not contribute to your well-being. Part of the meditative process is playing. Do something you enjoy even if it’s just 15 minutes a day. Play is an important part of tuning into your inner voice. It relaxes your mind and spirit.


  1. Exercise

Exercise helps you lose weight and decreases your chance of diseases such as diabetes, heart, high blood pressure, and many more. I once participated in an autopsy where the lady was extremely overweight and not very active when she was alive. When we opened her up, there were about two inches of fat tissue pressing on her organs. It’s important to exercise because even if you are big boned, you can still control the fat content of your body.


  1. Quick note

You’re busy. I totally get that. But you still have time to write a quick note to someone you love. You can do this through text, e-mail, or post office (snail mail). Although there is something to be said about someone taking the time to send you something through the snail mail. Enrich your relationships by taking the time to let them know you care.


  1. Foster trust

If you trust the people who work for you or your co-workers, work becomes a pleasant place to be. Do you take the time to foster trust? Do you give people credit for their work? Do you stand up for them when they are unfairly treated or accused? Do you take the time to listen to what’s going on in their lives? Issues they are having at work?  Foster trust by being honest, kind, a listener, giving, and straight-forward.


  1. Share

Let people know what you’re feeling.  If someone is upsetting you, let them know that in a respectful and kind way.

Be honest with yourself about your feelings. The most important person you should have an emotional relationship is with yourself.


Being physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially healthy and balanced is not easy. It requires time. But it’s time that’s necessary. And it is worth it.


How have you self-cared lately? Was it easy? Hard? Have you observed someone else performing some self-care that motivated you to do the same? I would love to hear your comments.

Laureen pic

Laureen is a freelance writer with a background in medicine. Although writing has always been her passion it was not until she was having a “how we want to raise our children” discussion with her husband that she came to an interesting realization; how could she teach her children to follow their dreams ambitiously when she was not living her own? At that point she started her writing and coaching career. She writes and coaches women about how they can gain clarity in their lives and work at Instagram: @laureenoliphant Facebook: