Fan Feature Friday

Happy Friday! Each Friday we feature a MIKAROSE fan wearing our clothing. We love seeing all of you wear and style MIKAROSE Clothing. You also get a discount code of your next purchase! Are you interested? Email us at carleejune AT mikarose DOT com.


Trying to find dresses that are both stylish and modest can be so hard sometimes. One place I know that I will always be able to find a modest dress or skirt that I will love is Mikarose. I love that the slogan for Mikarose is “Reinventing Modesty” because they totally are in the best possible way!

As a mom, I love knowing that I can find a modest dress that makes me feel pretty and classy. I also love how comfortable the dresses and skirts are because, let’s face it, I want something comfortable when I am chasing my little girl around.


I actually remember the first time that I bought a dress for Mikarose, and it was a big occasion for me. I was shopping for the dress that I was going to wear when I went through the LDS Temple for the first time. I found a dress that was both beautiful and modest, and I loved how good I felt when I was wearing it.

My name is Rachel, and I blog over at Blonde with a Chanse ( I am a mom to my sweet 1 year old daughter Rosalie, and a wife to my amazing husband Chanse. I love blogging about fashion, being a mom, and everything in between!

Trendy Tuesday

Today is Trendy Tuesday, it is the day that we share shout outs from our Boutiques around the world! Today we are featuring Bella Mia and Bella Mia-Dressed Up in Plymouth, MI.



Bella Mia

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Bella Mia Dressed-Up

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When I was in sixth grade, there was a girl (we’ll call her Liz) who was immensely popular in my class. All the boys had crushes on her and all the girls wanted to be her friend. Liz was actually a really nice girl. One thing I remember very clearly, though, was how much older she seemed than the rest of us eleven and twelve-year-olds. We thought it was wonderful that she wore her mother’s clothes all the time. She just looked mature and developed.  There was this one shirt she loved to wear. It had a deep neckline that was covered by a sheer material. And she was developed enough to have a good amount of cleavage. The girls wanted to be just like her.


Thinking back now, the sentiment I feel is not admiration. Instead, I feel sad that such a young girl was allowed to dress like a (sexy) adult. Even as an adult I love wearing things that are modest; hence why I love Mikarose. Liz was only eleven or twelve and yet shared clothes with her mother who was in her thirties. But, to be honest, there is not much difference between what she wore then and what tweens (age 9 to 11) currently wear. Yeah, sometimes we laugh and think it’s adorable when kids do things that remind us of adults. But do we sometimes take it too far?


As I have watched my three beautiful nieces grow up, I have enjoyed the way they have developed and matured. It’s beautiful to watch this natural progression. But shopping for them was a nightmare. Even when they were very young, most of the clothes that were available were things that made them into mini adults rather than just a kid. A two-year-old, a five-year-old, or even an eleven-year-old is still a kid.  Why was the fashion trend for a tween making them grow up faster than they needed to?


When MIkarose decided to come out with an affordable tween line, I was ecstatic! I knew it would be something that would make these little girls look beautiful but also look their age. When I saw the pictures from the photoshoot, I saw that I was right. With bright colors and beautiful patterns, Mikarose Girls will be loved by both tweens and adult. As always, Mikarose has managed to be at the forefront of fashion with this new girls’ line that will go viral.

Fan Feature Friday

Happy Friday! Each Friday we feature a MIKAROSE fan wearing our clothing. We love seeing all of you wear and style MIKAROSE Clothing. You also get a discount code off your next purchase! Are you interested? Email us at carleejune AT mikarose DOT com

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I’m Bonny Walker-Harris.  I was brought up in the incomparable Appalachian Mountains of Virginia.  A handsome firefighter had me transplanted to the stark contrast of the Southern Utah desert, nearly seven years ago. I miss Virginia, but am so blessed to be able to call these red cliffs my home, now.

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My belief is that modesty is a way to worship my Heavenly Father. I believe that God loves us and we are His children. When we are happy and comfortable, He can better show us how to help others. As I, sometimes struggling, raise two rough-and-tumble boys, modesty takes on a whole new facet. I feel that it is my job to teach them that women should be respected and valued for their minds, souls and contributions to society, as well as appreciated for their appearance, when appropriate.

As women, our bodies have an extremely powerful influence over these young fellows from an early age. If I can show my two little buddies, through my dress, actions and time taken, that I take care of my body and also hold it sacred, like the gift from God that it is, perhaps they will learn moderation and an appreciation of beauty from me. As a mother, no victory would be more gratifying.


Before I was a mother, my main role in life was that of daughter and middle child of nine!  As such, creativity and self-expression, as well as thrift, are all innately part of my nature AND nurture!  I adore MIKAROSE Clothing because of the endless possibilities of mixing and matching in a unique way.  The skirt and blouse separates lend themselves AMAZINGLY to layering (my favorite!), and the dresses can be accessorized with the flattering belts or simply worn on their own.  Best of all, when my rambunctious 3 year old crawls all over me at church or elsewhere, I don’t have to worry about flashing the congregation or alienating my besties by pulling a Britney Spears, circa 2006. For these practical reasons, and the affordability and high quality of each piece, I’m a MIKAROSE Maiden 4 Lyfe!

Trendy Tuesday

Today is Trendy Tuesday, it is the day that we share photos from our store at the University Mall in Orem, UT or share shout outs from our Boutiques around the world!

Here is a photo from Creature’s Boutique! They carry MIKAROSE in their shop. They are located at 1206 South Congress Austin, Texas 78704. You can shop online with them at


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Instagram: @creaturesboutique

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How To Leave The Comfort Zone Of Your Style

Remember the TLC TV show, “What not to wear?” I loved that show! I loved the way the hosts (Stacy London and Clinton Kelly) would help people think outside the box when it came to their wardrobe. There was one episode I saw where the hosts spent the whole show trying to get a lady to change her style. They would suggest she do something different with her hair, make-up, & clothing, but each time they were met with resistance and refusal. The lady thought she already looked great and that she dressed like “herself.” In the end, there were minuscule changes (very, very minuscule changes) that she allowed and when she came out behind the curtains for friends and family to celebrate the wonderful changes she had made to her looks, the reaction was lackluster. What were people supposed to react to? There were hardly any changes in her wardrobe or in her.


Does the above example apply to you? Have you been dressing the same way for the last couple of years, months, days? Look, changes to your outfit are like getting a new haircut; at first you’re not sure you like it (even though everyone has complimented you on how great you look) but when you give it some time you start to realize that you look fantastic. You then start to wonder why it took you so long to make the change.

For a long time, my favorite Mikarose dress was the Eva, a beautiful little black dress. When Mikarose discontinued that dress, I was devastated.  I struggled with the new dresses they had come out. Yes, these new dresses were beautiful but just not…me. But one day someone challenged me to try on the Cynthia. I tried it on thinking, “why won’t they listen to me when I tell them I don’t look good in this kind of dress?! I will show them so that they can stop mentioning it.” Well, the joke was on me. It actually looked good on my figure. I just had this idea in my head that  only one specific style looked good on me. But I was wrong. I’ve learned that I can dress my mood by just changing my style.

Before you discount a style, try it on. Don’t just look at it and dismiss it as something that would not fit your personality or figure. There are hundreds of styles out there and I am sure more than one of them looks fantastic on you. All you have to remember is to dress your body type like we discussed last week.  Go to your favorite modest clothing store (Mikarose;-)) and try on something new. Have your outfits reflect all the different facets of your personality, not just one. You will feel liberated.


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Laureen is a freelance writer with a background in medicine. Although writing has always been her passion it was not until she was having a “how we want to raise our children” discussion with her husband that she came to an interesting realization; how could she teach her children to follow their dreams ambitiously when she was not living her own? At that point she started her writing and coaching career. She writes and coaches women about how they can gain clarity in their lives and work at Instagram: @laureenoliphant Facebook:

Fan Feature Friday

Happy Friday! Each Friday we feature a MIKAROSE fan wearing our clothing. We love seeing all of you wear and style MIKAROSE Clothing. You also get a discount code off your next purchase! Are you interested? Email us at carleejune AT mikarose DOT com.



My name is McKayla Gonder, I recently received my LDS mission call to Mexico Veracruz, leaving on April 29th. I am a tom boy that likes to get dressed up, if I’m not in a skirt or dress I’m in jeans and cowboy boots.

Modesty is important to me, because I feel more confident when I am modest. I know who I am and when I look good I feel good. Modesty shows the best of me, and encourages those around me to do the same.

I love Mikarose Clothing because I can dress it up or wear it everyday with my jeans and boots. It’s comfortable, affordable and stylish.