Brookside Betty’s


Tuesday’s we feature Boutiques all over the world that sell MIKAROSE in their Shop. Today we are featuring Brookside Betty’s in Kansas City, MO.

What is the name and location of your Boutique?

Our shop is Brookside Betty’s, 6215 Oak st. in Kansas City, MO.


What items do you sell at your Boutique?

We’re entirely a dress shop. Everything is retro inspired. So it all has a 40s,50s,60s feel. A little bit pinup, but more Donna Reed or Audrey Hepburn. Right now from Mikarose we have the Ivy, Isabel and Molly dresses.


What do you love about MIKAROSE Clothing Line?

The thing we love best is the feel and the fit of the dresses.


What is the best way for people to see your merchandise? (Social Media Links, Address, Website, etc)

We are on Facebook as Brookside Betty’s,  Instagram as brooksidebetty and Twitter @BrooksideBetty. Our website is

What do you enjoy most about running a Boutique?

The thing I love most about running a boutique is shopping with our guests and helping them find the perfect dress. With the right dress, women can do anything.

Fall is in the air

Fall is in the air in fashion and in food…two of our favorite things here at MIKAROSE so we are sharing a few of our favorites in this post.

First up is our mid length skirt in cranberry and in greige polkadot.  This is a medium weight skirt with just the right amount of stretch, a high waist, and the perfect midi length.  Midi’s are the new maxi this season.  Great with tights, booties, strappy heels, boots, or even flats!  This midi length skirt is the perfect item to add to your fall wardrobe.


And second, this recipe for vegetarian curry and coconut rice will leave you feeling warm, satisfied, and relaxed since it is SO simple! I make the rice in the slow cooker and add whatever veggies I have on hand.  It is a family favorite.

Happy Fall!

September 25th New Items

New looks from the MIKAROSE store in Orem! These looks go fast, so head to the store or call directly at 801-400-2248 to get yours! See even MORE on our Facebook or Pinterest! Do you have a favorite?

Polka dot top 39.99, Mikarose Pencil skirt 34.99

Polka dot top 39.99, Mikarose Pencil skirt 34.99

White top 36.99, 2 tone cardigan 24.99, texture stripe skirt 52.99

White top 36.99, 2 tone cardigan 24.99, texture stripe skirt 52.99

Floral print dress 79.99, wide belt 16.99

Floral print dress 79.99, wide belt 16.99

Rust top has lace up the back 29.99, grey print pleated skirt 32.99

Rust top has lace up the back 29.99, grey print pleated skirt 32.99

Lace top 49.99, 2 tier black skirt w/narrow lace at bottom 34.99

Lace top 49.99, 2 tier black skirt w/narrow lace at bottom 34.99

Fabulous Phoebe

This week our item of the week is our Phoebe Dress.  And, to be honest, this is my favorite dress.  I wear it at least once a week because it is modest, comfortable, and so versatile.  One day I wore it to the office (business casual), then to a big meeting (business), then to the park with my son (casual), then to parent teacher conference (business casual), then out on a date with my husband (night out).  All I had to do was switch up the accessories a little and I had a whole new look each time.  And it doesn’t get all wrinkly and ruined in your suitcase which makes it a MUST have for traveling.

PhoebeI love this dress for fall because it looks great as a base for layering.  I have paired it with an open/flowy cardigan and a belt, a motorcycle style jacket, a button up cardigan, a variety of scarves, and a bold coat.  At first glance this dress may not seem like much, but, trust me on this, you will wear it more than any other dress in your closet.

AND for $22.50?  You can’t beat that.

Modest Fashion in NYC

We love seeing modesty in the spotlight! Here are a few pictures of some modest trends from the recent New York Fashion Week!

fashion week fashion week1

From Carolina Herrera’s beautiful layers to Michael Kors’ structured pieces, from the sparkle and glamour or Ralph Lauren to the effortlessly chic Marc Jacobs, almost every designer featured one or more modest design.

Which one is your favorite?

And in other news, we wish we could give Noelle Pikus-Pace a big round of applause for taking a stand for modesty. Check out her story HERE

MIKAROSE Store Items

MIKAROSE Fans! Come check out this week’s latest styles at our MIKAROSE Store located in Orem, UT. To see more of our new store items check out our Facebook or Pinterest!


Black/grey print stretch dress 32.99


Maroon top w/black trim 26.99, floral print skirt 32.99


Black top w/cream trim 36.99,Mikarose stretch pencil skirt 34.99


Cardigan 24.99, Cream top w/lace trim 49.99, Floral print skirt 49.99


Green top w/lace 29.99, Tulle ballerina skirt 46.99

NAVY is the new BLACK

If you are anything like us, you have worn your black pencil skirt more times than you can count.  It is time to update your fall wardrobe with a NAVY pencil skirt…it is just as versatile as your old standby, but will add a new dimension to your fall looks.

Our featured item of the week this week is our Side Peplum Skirt in Navy, and here are 10 great ways that you can style it….

Social Media1

1) Pair navy with burgundy.  Although it seems like an unlikely pairing at first, this style is perfect for fall and all over the fashion magazines right now.  The colors compliment each other and you.

2) Neutrals were EVERYWHERE at NY Fashion Week this year, and pairing a neutral olive green, tan, or beige with a gold skinny belt and your navy peplum will have you on trend and looking good.

3) Gray shirt and a black blazer.  I may or may not be wearing this combo right now.  Navy and gray just work.  Adding a black blazer really pulls things together and is a great layering look for fall.

4) We love this look of pairing a light sweater or cardi in a bright color, complete with a necklace of course, and a navy skirt.  Take a look at what you already have in your wardrobe and imagine the possibilities!

5) Navy and Black.  Again, another unlikely pairing, but with a black chiffon top (we have a few to choose from) and black heels, the look is sophisticated while remaining interesting.

6) This might be my favorite look…emerald green and a statement necklace.  Emerald and navy are bold, vibrant jewel tones for fall that look good on everyone.  Perfect for the office or an evening out, you will look your best in this combo.

7) Navy + Stripes + Colored Cardigan = perfection.  A versatile look to mix up items you already have in your wardrobe. Gray stripes and rust cardigan, black stripes and emerald cardigan, navy stripes and mustard cardigan….the list can go on and on.

8) Navy and Pink (all the shades) was everywhere this wedding season.  Pairing your skirt with a coral top, a flowy blush blouse, or a hot pink sweater is the perfect way to carry this trend into fall.

9) The button up….green, chambray (my favorite choice), white, pink, plaid, polkadot, really almost any combo works here and the skirt keeps it work appropriate.

10) Anna Kendrick showed us that a white button up doesn’t have to be boring.  Paired with a navy skirt, a bright colored bag, and tan shoes (booties instead of her sandals for fall) this look is sure to be a hit by creatively putting together things you already own!

Social Media


We have several navy skirts online and in our store to choose from…pick your favorite and update your wardrobe with this new classic.

Social Media2The Navy Side Peplum, this week for 50% Off

The Navy  Knit Skirt – Midlength

The Navy Lace Panel Pencil Skirt

and The Navy Polkadot Full Print Skirt Knee-length

Happy Shopping!



Did you know MIKAROSE is available online and also in a brick and mortar store? Our fabulously talented store fashion consultants came up with great styles to help take your wardrobe into fall!

Recently Updated1


With a great belt, scarf,cardigan, or boots, you can update your looks easily!

Or use fall color with your summer favorites!  Pair a mustard top with the lace skirt or stripe skirt!  Add a cardigan or sweater to your favorite pencil skirt. Top our Bow top with a cardigan or open sweater. The rust or rose double scallop skirt paired with a fall top looks adorable!  No need to put away your favorite pieces from summer, just add to them and keep them around all through the fall!

Back to School Fashion













 …Ready for 6

Let’s admit it, the best thing about going back to school has probably got to be the back to school shopping. Get excited for the new school year to start by getting yourself the beautiful red Mikarose Pleated Collar Top to casually match with a pair of blue skinny jeans and a tan trench jacket! How else can one compliment a bright top without a set of Mikarose Antique Gold Sunflower Earrings and a Mikarose Gold Necklace with Baby Yellow Teardrops? Put on your backpack and nail polish and you’re finally prepared to take on the new year as a new you!

…Fit for a Fashionista..

photo (1)


Who says you can’t be comfy and fashionable at the same time? With our Mikarose Cotton A-line Striped Skirt, you can wear a cozy button down shirt, sweater, and your favorite pair of Sperry’s to make the outfit look ten times more dressy! The best way to make an outfit look even more put together is to accessorize. Try completing this outfit with a simple but glamorous pair of Mikarose Silver with White Pearls Earrings!

…Summer in the Fall..

photo 9


Bring the summer into the school year by wearing it on your clothes! The Mikarose Full Print Knee-Length Skirt makes the perfect statement for the new school year. Wear a chambray top underneath a Mikarose V-Neck Button Down Cardigan to add even more color to the look!

…Classy Casual..

photo 8


One of our favorite skirts, the Mikarose Side Peplum Skirt, can be dressed down for school with a casual button down and a pink lip. To keep it classy, try wearing a pearl necklace and our Miranda Shoes!

…Sail Me Away..

photo 7


Our Mikarose Satin Bow Top is such an essential in the closet! The bow on the shirt can be complimented by a pearl necklace, but it would also look great with tons of other items! How we like to style it is with a Mikarose Horizontal Striped Cotton Full Skirt. Make the striped navy skirt stand out even more with a navy sailor blazer and hot pink shoe and lip!

…Sophisticated Student.. 

photo 5

Lace up for school with the Mikarose Lace Pencil Skirt and tuck in a basic white button down for a sophisticated and charming look! The Mikarose Lara Suede Pumps add to the chicness of the outfit and matches perfectly with a brown bag. A red lip and the Gold Necklace with Small White Teardrop ties the entire look together!

…Comfortable Babe..

photo 4Leggings have been so popular this year thanks to their amazing comfort! This Mikarose Perfectly Comfortable Outfit can make you feel as though you are right in your pajamas, but they look so much more trendy! Tone down the patterned leggings with an oversized sweater and fur vest. Our Julianna Riding Boots are just as comfortable to walk all around campus in. Remember to throw on your orange lipstick and the Mikarose Austen Cream Dangle Earrings so you don’t look “too comfortable” at school!

…On Wednesdays We Wear Polka Dots..

photo 2


We all know of the movie Mean Girls, which happens to take place in a dramatic high school setting. Because it’s time for back-to-school, this outfit is inspired by the characters of the film, especially shown by the pink items like the Mikarose Pink Luster Earrings. Our Mikarose Med Length Pencil Skirt increases the preppy vibe from the outfit, along with a gingham button down and nude heels!

…For the Edgy Girl..

photo 3School can make us feel a little dreary sometimes. It’s not necessarily bad, because you can embrace your dark side by showing off the edgy Mikarose Maya Maxi Dress and Thin Faux Leather Belt with a black leather jacket on top. Make the dress stand out with a Green with Envy Bubble Necklace and a metallic gold sandal!

Healthy and Easy Summer Meals

With summer vacations and being on the road, it is hard to eat healthy.  I find myself grabbing fast food more frequently and never wanting to turn on the oven.  This month I tried 4 new healthy meals and they were SO good I decided to share them with you.  Because fashion is more than clothes, it is about feeling like your best self.

The number one winner (with grownups and kids alike) were the black bean, corn, and sweet potato enchiladas from Averie Cooks.  Using black bean and corn salsa available in the fresh food section of most grocery stores cuts down on prep time and adds the perfect texture and flavor to the sweet potatoes.  The only addition that I added was a little salt, pepper, and cumin to the sweet potatoes before adding the salsa and cheese.  Amazing.  My husband and I had to resort to “rock, paper, scissors” for the leftovers.

Next up,also from Averie Cooks,  would be her take on the quinoa caprese salad.  YUM!  Our family is anti-tomato, so we substitute roasted red peppers for the tomatoes and tossed in the other veggies we had lingering in the fridge.  So yummy!  The real secret is to cook your quinoa the right way.  I used to be anti-quinoa, but then a friend explained the best way to cook it and now I can’t get enough.  Here is the secret…RINSE the quinoa well, cook in low sodium chicken broth, and use the rice cooker.  Perfection.  And I was amazed at how well it paired with the salad.  We added baby spinach and italian greens we had on hand and devoured the whole salad for dinner.  You’re welcome.

This may not be an official meal, but for my family, healthy and delicious muffins round out breakfast and snacks in the most delicious way. These Applesauce Cinnamon Oat muffins were delightful and easy to make.  I made a few changes that fit what I had on hand…I subbed coconut oil for the canola oil, did 50/50 whole wheat and white flours, and used almond milk instead of regular milk. The real key is not to skip the delicious crumbly topping.

And last, but certainly not least is one pan mexican quinoa.  I am officially on the quinoa train.  This recipe infused the quinoa with the most delicious mexican flavors and was SO easy to throw together.  It will be making a regular appearance in our summer menu…and probably all the other seasons as well.


Do you have a favorite easy meal?  Add the hashtag #mikaroserecipes so we can see them!  Because now that I have shared my favorites, I have no clue what I am making tonight.  Share your ideas and save my family from cold cereal.